College : Yes or No? Career Guidance for Teens

7/8/20232 min read

two person standing on full your destiny pavement artwork
two person standing on full your destiny pavement artwork

Figuring out Post-Graduate plans can be stressful and full of unneeded pressure which is why it is important to start the conversation early - either with yourself or with your teen.

As someone who passed through our education system when discussing post-graduate plans my ‘Guidance’ Counselor told me I had ONLY 3 options once I got out of High School. I was told I could

1. Go to College

2. Begin Working

3. Join the Military

However, I was not satisfied with this answer and decided to take it upon myself to figure out what ALL my options really were. The answer? The 3 choices outlined for me were only the tip of the iceberg for what my options REALLY were.

In my eBook, I list out the ‘BIG 8’ which are the 8 main AND feasible career paths of work/schooling after you or your teen finish High School. I do a deep-dive on what each career path entails, list the Challenges and Benefits, help with starting out conducting your own research (with embedded resources) AND outline both the short and long term cost-benefit analysis of each career path.

Is there any BIAS in your book?

In my eBook, I will not lead you to an answer - you must weigh what is important to you and take into account what you are willing to do and what type of future you want in order to come to your OWN conclusion. As part of this, I remain as unbiased as possible through my use of Statistics and Survey Answers from independent agencies. My goal is not to push you towards one particular career path but rather enable you to make a truly INFORMED decision. However, I will use personal accounts and commentary to illustrate my claims but I do remain as unbiased as possible

Why does it only cost $5?

I want to give others the help I never received when deciding what to do after High School without a massive paywall or having to spend weeks researching each individual career path. My goal is to paint the complete picture of options after High School in a way that contains everything you NEED while keeping it condensed and easy to read.

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